A Dogs Life is a Good Life

What a dog needs - are dog necessities


Bringing home a NEW Dog can be quite a new experience. You will soon find how important they can be in our daily lives. Dogs are Loving and Loyal animals who will bring a whole new energy to your home. Dogs are great protecters, companions, and need to be treated the same love and respect they give you.

As a dog owner of over 20years I have found a appreciation for my Dog Companion and want to make sure that they live a Happy, Healthy, Long life. I've created a checklist that all New Dog Owners should review before choosing your new Dog Companion. We will review

  • Bedding
  • How to choose a dog(space, age, time)
  • Clothing (cold, hot, cute)
  • Diet (?? How do we want to brek up these pages)
  • Entertainment (Toys, Play with, while at wk, choling hazzards? )
  • Traininig - Collars- House traininig- anxoius  

Along with lots of love you can keep your dog Happy and Healthy for many years to come.

i hope you find this website helpful and assist you in choosing a dog that you will cherish for many many years to come... 




Dog rope toys

  • The best dog toys are chewable dog toys whether it's filled with meaty dog treats or sometimes a little peanut butter 'Delicious'.
  • What about a kong dog toy to chew on? This is gentle on the dog's gums with hours of chew time.
All dogs love that rope toy for a tug of war game with you or their doggie play date.  Make your life easier and your dog's life full of fun with the best dog toys.

Whether your dog is fetching their chewable ball or retrieving that indestructible dog frisbee. This is the best interaction and playtime that will help burn off energy and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  

  • All dogs love to chase and caught a ball and to hopefully bring it back. Dog necessities are The BEST Squeaker Dog Ball that can help you to always know where your dog is from the sound. Big balls for big dogs, little balls for little dogs and three balls for that excitable dog.



What a dog needs, a PACK of dog toys?  

  • Fetch balls.
  • Frisbees.
  • Rope toys.
  • Chewy toys.    

A great reward for after dog training. Does life get any better?  
Ask your dog?... Wooof! 

Dogs Do..The best dog toys are chewable dog toys. 


Dogs Don't share...My ball is mine your ball is mine too...


Choosing the best DOG COLLARS AND LEADS

dog with glow collar

Flat collars are comfortable for dog walks and all dog owners are proud to be seen walking their dog wearing a personalized dog collar.  







The Seven most popular dog collars

  • What a dog needs are dog collars with lights on them, this is ideal for night walks to keep your dog seen and safe.
  • A Martingale collar that tightens when your dog tries to pull away this is very helpful for a dog in training.
  • Breakaway collars for a dog that encounters obstructions or potential choking hazards.  (A dog necessity for hunting dogs.)
    Always caring for your dog's safety.
  • A quality leather dog collar for all stylish dogs.   
  • An engraved dog collar looks 'Awesome' with your dog's name on it.  A telephone number is also helpful in case your dog escapes through an open gate. 
    Now you have a dog collar for practical use, 'let's bling it up'.
  • A smaller dog wearing sparkles is always cute and gets attention, which a dog loves.
    Blinging up your dog collars with crystals or colored rhinestones. This is fun for a special occasion and harmless for your pup.  
  • Best of all a brightly colored dog collar on any dog shows character.
    How about a collar for every day!  
    We say 'YES' your dog deserves only the best.



Dog clothes are great for many reasons, not only walking around with great fashion and being stylish but can be very helpful to a dogs needs.

Some dog clothes are designed to bring comfort during hot or cold weather conditions. Dogs can feel things just like we do. We may feel uncomfortable in some of our surrounding or just happen to be a hyper individual. Believe it or not, your dog can feel your energy and they react to it.  Some dog clothing is designed to help them feel calmer in their surroundings too.

Dog costumes can be a fun way to dress up for you and your dog and to celebrate many types of occasions.


Anxiety Coats

These are great items to have  for those of you who are looking to help calm extra anxious dogs. Its hard to determine what is causing the dogs issue, but this coat is supposed to relieve the following causes such as:

  • Excessive Barking= for no apparent reason (to us)
  • Extreme nervousness (always up and moving about)
  • Shaking Dog (As if Scared)
  • Fear of Loud Noises






My small dogs bed is soft and fluffy just like her.

What a dog needs are the Best dogs beds to choose from.  

  • See the stairway to heaven.. the raised bed for your small dog. She can see your face while you sleep.
  • The always popular memory foam large dog bed  
  • A  dogs necessities is the orthopedic dog bed for that sensitive dog, both small and large dogs.  
  • See the stairway to heaven.. the raised bed for your small dog, she can see your face while you sleep.
  • The chew proof dog beds are long lasting for large dogs .
  • The collapsible dog bed  (dog crate) is very popular for the traveling family and dog. This is a must have.
    After a busy day of running, eating, chewing toys, chasing shadows, all big dogs and small dogs deserve the right to snuggle into their super comfy best dog bed.


Dog Tips 

Lucky Dog's Top Tips for new dog owners. 

So many things to think about when you decide to bring a puppy into your home.

  • Is this a comfortable dog bed for my puppy?
  • Will my puppy chew it to bits?
  • Is this the Best dog ball for my dog?
  • What about the tug of war rope toy?
  • How many cool T-shirts will I buy
  • Is this personalized dog collar safe even though it looks cool with my dogs name engraved on it. 'Lucky'  
  • Is this dog lead long enough?
  • Should my dog lead on our daily walks?
  • Bones,
  • Raw meat, Dried biscuits.  What dog food?  

Let Lucky guide you on your new doggy adventure when making some decision for your new puppy.

 Dogs Do's.. Use Dog collars with lights for night walks ..be seen & be safe!

Dogs Dont's.. Stay away from chunky or loose collars. They should fit firmly. 

Interactive dog toys (also called enrichment dog toys) are created to serve a specific purpose and to provide a unique challenge for your dog.

Basically, interactive dog toys have some really unique features to keep your dogs interest high, including:

  • Unusual sounds – like squeakers, sound cards, or crinkled plastic in the tail of a stuffed dog toy
  • Unusual movements – like toys that bounce around on their own, have dangling parts, or various textures
  • Unusual contents – like dog treats that come out when rolled around or when a puzzle is solved

All of these features are designed to keep your dog’s attention for longer periods of time. In addition, you will ultimately get your money’s worth from a dog toy with these features — because your dog won’t grow bored with it quickly.

Here are some examples of interactive dog toys that i will be covering:

  • Treat-dispensing dog toys for immediate gratification while playing
  • Dog toy puzzles for testing your dog’s memory and recall skills
  • Sensory dog toys for stimulating your dog’s senses (touch, sound, etc.)
  • Indestructible dog toys for the ultimate challenge during extended play time